Hi!  I'm Kelly!

I'm a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR), Certified Health Coach, and Holistic Nutritionist.  I'm going to share a secret with you...I have a huge sweet tooth!  I always have, and I spent years of my life giving into those sweet cravings, which left me feeling sick and bloated.  Not to mention the amount of sugar and and processed food calories that I was eating, which likely caused me to gain weight and caused my digestive problems to get worse.  I spent many years yo-yo dieting and not "allowing" myself to eat ANY candy or sweets, leaving me feeling deprived.  I eventually stopped "dieting" and just started eating clean.  I now eat sweets , but make sure that they are made from good quality, clean ingredients.  I call them healthy chocolate treats.  I eat them and don't feel guilty, bloated, or sick, and they don't cause me to gain weight as along as I eat them in moderation

What about you?

Do you feel sick or bloated when you eat candy or other sweets?


Do you constantly feel that you have to deprive yourself when you try to eat healthy?

Do you LOVE chocolate and not "allow" yourself to have it because of fear that it will cause you to gain weight?


How would you like to eat some delicious chocolate recipes that don't cause you to feel sick, bloated, or gain weight?  When you sign up for my How to be a Healthy Chocoholic freebie by entering your information below, you will receive some delicious chocolate recipes that you can enjoy without worrying about those negative consequences (as long as you eat in moderation, as with anything)!!

Delicious chocolate treats that you can eat without feeling bloated or messing up your diet